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The New York Times’ Lens blog is running an interview with Ben Lowy, a conflict photojournalist and prominent defender of cellphone photography. Most interesting is Ben’s argument in favor of using apps like Hipstamatic.

…we have to capture what’s there in front of us and not go back in postproduction — I think one of the big problems in recent years, especially with the Danish school of photojournalism, is this crazy postproduction. There’s just too much of that going on. Photoshop is too easy now.

Notably, the interview fails to mention Instagram. It would be interesting to hear Ben’s thoughts, given his strong feelings on the fine line between pre- and post-production. That aside, his basic view on the mobile phone as a legitimate tool for photographers makes a lot of sense.

If I can use a tool that allows me to take these images quickly in a new way that attracts an audience to look at content that’s important, and I’m not creating anything that’s not there, I don’t see that as being a problem.

2 years ago